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June 2011 Cut-off

July 2011 Cut-off

August 2011 Cut-off

September 2011 Cut-off

October 2011 Cut-off

November 2011 Cut-off

December 2011 Cut-off

January 2012 Cut-off

February 2012 Cut-off

March 2012 Cut-off

April 2012 Cut-off

May 2012 Cut-off Scores

June 2012 Cut-off

July 2012 Cut-off

August 2012 Cut-off

September 2012 Cut-off

October 2012 Cut-off

November 2012 Cut off

December 2012 Cut off

January 2013 Cut off

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Cut-off Scores
Promotion By Name List
June 2011 SGT-SSG by Name

July 2011
SGT--SSG by Name

August 2011
SGT--SSG by Name

September 2011

October 2011 SGT-SSG

November 2011 SGT - SSG by name

December 2011
SGT- SSG by name

January 2012
SGT- SSG by name

February 2012
SGT - SSG by name

March 2012
SGT - SSG by name

April 2012 SGT - SSG by Name

May 2012
SGT - SSG by Name

June 2012
SGT - SSG by Name

July 2012 SGT - SSG by Name

August 2012
SGT - SSG by Name

September 2012
SGT - SSG by Name

October 2012
SGT - SSG by Name

November 2012
SGT - SSG by Name

December 2012
SGT - SSG by Name

January 2013
SGT - SSG by Name

February 2013
SGT - SSG by Name

March 2013
SGT - SSG by Name

April 2013 SGT - SSG by Name
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